Friday, May 4, 2012

Entryway Table Runner

On days when both girls nap (Elisea has her on and off days now that she's becoming a "big" girl), I sometimes look for a project. There's always things I'd like to do around the house, but it's great to start and finish a project within "naptime"!  Our entryway table was one of the pieces of furniture that was in the parsonage when we moved in...And, whereas it isn't my favorite piece of furniture (a little too traditional for my liking), it fits well in the space. We had a super-fun Crate and Barrel entryway table at our last parsonage, but we let our sister and brother-in-law borrow it because we couldn't fit our shoe rack under it. And, we love having our shoes by the front door. I think the two weeks we vacationed to Maui two years ago got Aaron and I loving the idea of leaving our shoes at the door! 
So, back to the table...I decided I wanted to make a little table runner for it.  I measured the space, grabbed some leftover material from my stash, and went to town sewing. And, I think it adds a nice change to the space. It also protects the table from all of our "stuff" that gets dumped there! 

Finished product. 

Simple, fun change.
Love the material.

And, one day I would love some of these to line the entryway! Super-cute shoe bins from Ikea.

But, until then, we'll stick with our grocery bags. :) Another fun project...Just took two grocery bags, cut them in half, and let the girls decorate them! Huge fan of practicality and simplicity! 

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