Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun on the Farm - 2

Another fun trip to the farm...I'll let the pictures do the talking:)  

All of Mom's "babies" :) Lots of plants!
Can you spy the Tree Frog? :) 

My beautiful big girl.
Sweet Nana:)

I could just eat her up!
Sweet baby cheeks, lips, fingers...cherish.
Mom and Dad's Garden
Lettuce, anyone? :)

Love the color.
Onions and Spinach.
Sweet Peas - girls love eating these!

Peppers and Onions.
Julia's favorite thing to do on the farm!
Mom showing E how to pick lettuce.
Green Beans, Corn - and probably forgetting something.
The Homeplace

Love this pic.


Look who has the key...:) To the Gator, of course. 
My Granddaddy and Dad - love their smiles.
A pajama morning:) And, our sweet Heidi.
Wild hair, no pants, and big sis' shoes. :) Life on the farm.
Sprinkler time! Definitely brought back memories of being a kid.

Not so sure about running through it! Haha

Love it when they play together!

LOVE this picture...

Another fun trip to the farm...home. :)

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