Thursday, March 8, 2012

Framed Hair Bow Holder

I've been sick for the past week and a half.  But, thank goodness, I'm now on the mend!  After 3 doctors' visits, I finally got diagnosed correctly - strep.  But, feeling better, and determined to get my health and energy back!  I think the older I get, the harder I feel like I get knocked down when sick - even though I know strep can hit hard.  My body has taken a toll these past few years, but I'm not going to let it get the best of me!

On a crafty note...Something I've been wanting to do for a while is make a bow holder for Elisea's bows.  So, I grabbed a frame at Goodwill, some spray paint and ribbon at Wal-Mart - and finally got around to making it.  A super-easy project that I'm excited to hang in her room.  And, if it wasn't for two girls three and under always being at my beck and call, I could have whipped this thing up in no time!   I laugh at how long it takes me to accomplish things sometimes because having children changes EVERYTHING...But, if it wasn't for my girls, I would have no need for a sweet little bow holder!  Simple joys...and a very grateful momma's heart.

 Love this ribbon.
 I just stapled the ribbon to the back with a staple gun.  It took me a couple times to get the ribbon placed correctly.
Elisea's Bow Holder
 I decided to leave out the pink polka dot ribbon I had originally planned to use.  Too many patterns competing.  But, love the paisley!  It might be an obsession. 
Too cute.
Fun part of having little girls:)


The Fryes said...

Cute idea! And so simple to make! *If* we have another and it's a girl, this will be a must-have.

Suzanne B. said...

Love it. Even tho I have no little girls. I do have some nieces that may ne getting this for a present....

Christy said...

Thanks, Courtney! It was really easy to make...I wanted a "fancier" frame, but couldn't find one large enough that was cheap enough. So, I went with this one. I like the *if* :)
Thanks, Suzanne! It would be a great gift - super-easy. I still think Xander needs a little sis:)