Wednesday, October 3, 2012

White Paint + Chevron Fabric = New Chair

I finally finished this chair that I posted a few months ago about here.  Very excited with how it turned out! It was a pretty wood chair prior to painting it white, but I do like the change.  One of the legs was separating from the chair, so we just attached a bracket to pull the leg back into the chair.  The foam covers up the bracket.  Worked out well!  So, when you're out thrift shopping, always imagine the possibilities in a piece of furniture! All it takes is a little sanding, paint and possibly fabric depending on the type of furniture! And, for this chair, I bought a piece of foam to cushion the seat.  

 Found this piece of chevron fabric for $5/yard at our local fabric store - score!  Nice thing when you buy inexpensive fabric is that once it goes "out of style" it's a simple fix to change out this seat. Wouldn't even take a yard of material to do so. 

Welcome to our home, cute chair :)

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