Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Breakfast (every meal) Nook

So, it has been a year since we moved into our lovely parsonage.  And, we have just finished LOTS of painting, hanging pictures, re-doing kitchen cabinets...things like that to "spruce" up the parsonage and make it "our home."  It has been a lot of work, but boy is it nice to sit back now and enjoy each room!  Especially being a stay-at-home mom...even though I don't like the sound of that "job title."  It sounds so lackadaisical!  Ha!  But, what I mean is, since the girls and I are in our home quite a bit on a day to day basis, it has been such a blessing to be able to make our surroundings enjoyable.  So, thank you, to our wonderful church family!

Before:  This isn't the best of pictures...but, this was the "Nook."


We painted the wood thing ever!  We also painted the wood trim white.  I love our "Every Meal Nook"!  

Paint Choice: Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Ozone...Love.

Amazing how a light fixture can transform a space. It was a hard call deciding on the fixture.  We wanted to be budget conscious, yet have a nice, practical light.  I really wanted a drum pendant, but we needed something that would put off more light for this dark corner in the kitchen.  Found a great deal on this chandelier at Lowe's.  For the price, I think it really updates the area.
via Lowe's - $42.88

Next, I wanted to display our big girl's artwork somehow.  I contemplated framing it, curtain rods, magnetic boards...but, this is what I came up with thanks to ohdeedoh.  We were able to find this Ikea set on ebay.  Love it!

Ta-da! What better art for one's wall than your own child's? :) Big smile. 

The other "element" I wanted in our "Nook" was a place for us to write and read Bible verses.  I had been on the search for a large frame, and we remembered we had this SC palmetto tree frame.  It originally held my MA diploma...but, was framed wrong.  So, long story short, we ended up with an empty frame (insert our eldest gal knocked it over and broke the glass).  So empty frame = perfect to make a chalkboard frame.  Thanks to help from my father-in-law, I now have a chalkboard where we put a verse up each week and memorize it.  Our big girl is doing great, too, at memorizing them:) 
Frame + white spray paint + sheet of plywood + chalkboard spray paint = framed chalkboard :)

And lastly, I love having a place to post invitations, cards, pics, etc. - so, I created these memo boards.  Just took some cheap frames from Goodwill + can of white spray paint + fun fabric + foam board = super-cute memo boards!

Chalkboard/Memo Area

Very excited about our new "meal" area if you can't tell! We are so blessed to be able to transform this nook into a space for our family.  And, a place where we gather with so many friends and family to break bread and enjoy life together!


Lisa B said...

And it truely is a great place to enjoy with family.......having had first hand experience ;-)

Rachel said...

Absolutely love what you've done! The nook looks so clean and functional now! Love all your creative touches too. :)

elaine said...

Cannot BELIEVE how beautiful it looks!!! Especially awesome when you see the before picture! Beautiful!!!! I might love that paint color!

Christy said...

Thanks, LiLi:)
And thank you, Rachel! It does seem so much cleaner and functional! I love simple, yet practical!
Elaine, thanks, friend!! It was a lot of fun creating!! Yes, I do love the paint color! It is great, paint, too! Only took 1 coat! But, the color is great:) Can't wait for you to see the other rooms!

Maury said...

Hey Christy! What an amazing transformation! I'm following you now. I hope you'll follow me back.

Christy said...

Thanks, Maury! It was a fun project:) I will follow you back for sure:)