Friday, September 2, 2011

Every Girl Needs Ruffles

So, I love reading Jones Design Company. I love Emily, and all of her posts are so enjoyable and inspiring! Check out her blog - it is phenomenal! You probably won't want to read mine after reading her's! Ha! But, she has tutorials on how to do super-fun, crafty things - like sewing a ruffle pillow.  It is so chic and cute, love it!  Here is my attempt:

strips of material

sewn to ruffles

lay and pin each ruffle down 

all ruffles pinned down - ready to sew!

 ruffle pillow

So excited about my new ruffle pillow - made out of a sheet by the way!! :) Check out Emily's tutorial for step-by-step instructions. And have some fun with ruffles! I'm ready to sew ruffles on everything!  Ok, maybe not everything - but, you will have fun sewing for sure!


elaine said...

Love it!! You did so good!!! One day you can teach me how to use a sewing machine. Or one day I'll just hire you to sew me something and we can bypass the me buying a machine/learning how part. I also love the link you shared and I think you should do silhouettes of your babies next.

Lisa B said...

Super Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love the creative people in my family...... :-)

Christy said...

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to sew! Haha, I would love to teach you! Don't you love the link to Jones Design Company? Love her blog. And would love to do the silhouettes - will have to try that.
Thanks, LiLi!! :)