about me

As a mom of 3 (1 blessing in Heaven) and wife to an amazing husband, I find joy in creating our home! My husband and I were put on the path of parenthood much earlier than we had "planned." We have learned that in every situation, the Lord's plans far surpass our human ones. My husband is a Pastor and AFR Chaplain. Therefore, we move quite frequently and live in the parsonage provided by the church. The churches we have served at have been so gracious in many ways to let us paint, redo kitchen and bathroom floors, and just make little changes here and there. Just because I don't have granite countertops in my kitchen, and have total 60's pink and green tile in our master bathroom, I am still so grateful for the home that we have! I love looking for ways to update our house into a home with simple, inexpensive solutions. And, I love creating an atmosphere of family, peace, simplicity, and practicality. My prayer is that our home may continually be a place where the Lord is most glorified. And in serving Him, that I may wisely use the gifts He has blessed me with to create an environment that bursts with love for Him, my family and all those who enter into our Home.

So, I hope you can find some encouragement, inspiration and support through this little outlet called,
 Pretty Parsonage: A House...Our Home.