Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards...34 Cute Ideas

I LOVE cute Valentines.  Growing up, it was always exciting to go to the store and pick out our favorite paper Valentines.  And, then we'd make our Valentines' card holders out of paper plates and decorate them.  Oh the days!  There are SO many cute ideas now for special Valentines!  And, I couldn't resist showing a few of my favorites!  Each one is linked to its home site.  These are all just too fun!  And, so many of these are printables that you can just download and print!  Or, easily create something similar!

valentine chocolates - via mel's kitchen cafe
rolo - via family fun

love bug - the better martha
bananas - fiskars
starburst - bhg
swedish fish - dimple prints

fruit - unkown
goldfish - backless shirt
smores - dimple prints
goldfish - tammy mitchell
teddy grahams - spoonful

pencil - family fun
bubbles - prudent baby
arrow pencil - sweet muffin suite
cars - tip junkie
heart crayon - whipperberry
crazy straws - pinterest
heart bookmark - thirty handmade days
heart glow - kommunicated


printable 1 "love" - jones design company
printable 2 "hello darling" - how about orange
printable 3 "pastel sweet valentines" - delightful distractions
printable 4 "cute graphics" - pumpkins and posies
printable 5 "watercolor valentines" - jones design company
printable 6 "Bible verses" - happy home fairy

The Girls' Valentines
Last year, we did the cute bubble gum machine ones.  This year, I found these cute heart puzzle cards at the craft store on clearance.  They were originally $5 marked down to $2 plus 10% off!  (thank you, military discount!)  I wish I could have been a little more creative with the decorating, but I just let the girls color them and write names on them.  Love that they are little puzzles!  

I hope these ideas can be a fun collection to look at and possibly find a cute idea to use to spread some "love!" Happy "heart" day!


Anonymous said...

I have such a wonderful and creative wife! I am the luckiest husband ever!

Aaron Meadows said...

After reading my comment it sounds creepy coming from "anonymous". This is what I get for not being connected to social media like my wonderful wife. (I guess I can also use this as a spoiler alert to tell everyone that our trustees are updating the parsonage bathroom, so look for some bathroom tips coming up) :)

Spencer Swain said...

Was a little creepy there. Glad you're home safely and yes sir you have a wonderful wife. I am her pretty parsonage social media promoter :)