Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweet Message + Fun & Easy Gender Reveal

Here's a sweet message from our girls.
It was quite a surprise when we found out we were expecting this little guy!  I had just gotten home from a missions trip to Ecuador and surprise, surprise - the Lord had a plan to bless us with another sweet blessing, but this time a boy!  After three girls, we just knew it was going to be another girl!  But, we are thrilled at the thought of some blue in our home!  It hasn't been the easiest of pregnancies so far, but we are blessed nonetheless with this precious life.  It is such a miracle - and, we truly give thanks to God for this new baby! The little guy's name - James Dawsey.  We've had it picked out for quite a while, as each pregnancy it got trumped with little girls' names!  He will be named after my husband's maternal Grandfather - and, even more special - his birthdate will be on Granddaddy Dawsey's birthday - June 12, 2013.  Pretty neat how God works!

So, on celebrating and "revealing the gender" to some of my husband's family that is close by, I didn't have much time to figure something fun out to do, but thought of this:
(sorry for the blurred pictures, only had my iphone to take them with!)
Bought 2 sets of pre-done cupcakes at the grocery store
Scraped the icing off the top.
Cut a little hole out and filled it with some blue icing. 
Used Betty Crocker Decorating Cupcake Icing in Sky Blue. I definitely grabbed the pink first and about walked off with it! Not used to grabbing blue! But, for a quick project, this stuff worked great.  Not quite as cheap as a tub of icing, but was perfect for this. 
Filled the hole with the icing. 
Put part of the cut-out piece back on top of the cupcake.
Re-iced the cupcake with it's original icing. 
And, done! Fun cupcakes to share for an "impromptu" gender reveal gathering!
Everyone eating their cupcakes!
There you have it! It's a boy! 

The fun part was that as we plated each of the cupcakes, the girls got to hand each cupcake out.  It let them fill included.  And, for a quick idea, it turned out pretty good.  A lot less time consuming and $ involved! But, perfect for a small, fun gathering to share the fun news! I'd always wanted to do something "fun" to reveal the gender - of course, my husband and I still wanted to find out as we were looking at the ultrasound - but, fun to share with others in a creative way!  

Some other ideas I love:
Love this idea from Sugar Derby - a little time-consuming, but super-cute and different!

This is pretty cute, too - from Catch My Party.

There are so many cute ideas out there, along with the popular "cake cutting" or opening a "box of colored balloons"!  All it takes is getting on Pinterest and seeing so many neat things!  But, if you're needing a quick and simple plan, go for the store-made cupcakes!  Fill them up, and you're done!  A lot of fun and such a blessing to celebrate a new life. 

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