Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun Finds

I love to go thrift store shopping. And, I especially love it when I find something fun.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds recently.  
 This chair was a Goodwill find a while back - $14.  A beautiful chair - traditional with a little "moroccan" flair.  I was debating whether to keep it dark or paint it. My husband is all about some dark, wood furniture - and, I on the other hand love white!  So, yesterday I decided to paint it - I'll show the "after" pic of it soon - all I have left to do is put the fabric and foam on the seat.

 I found this fun cart yesterday at a local thrift store and when I saw the price of $1.99, I knew I could find a place for it somewhere!  And, the color is perfect for our house.  I love a mix of vintage/modern/traditional. Super-fun.
 And, this fun spice rack was found on my way to see my BF. I had some time to kill and stopped into the local Goodwill. I have been wanting a spice rack of some sort because the cabinet for our's is about five inches wide and a super pain to get the spices in and out of! So, I saw this and was about to pay $7.50 for it because all the bottles were marked separate - but, when I got to the register, the lady said she was just going to charge me $1.50 for all of it!
 I didn't realize we had skipped a couple years - notice the date.
Aren't they cute?  Just needs a little cleaning and tlc.  

Fun we continue to make this house our home! I know it isn't about the "things" which fill our homes, but for someone like me who likes design, finding fun "things" at cheap prices add a personal touch and bring a smile to this heart.  So, yay for cheap, practical finds!


gompers said...

Our entire house is furnished in thrifted/craiglisted finds! The only "new" furniture is our dining chairs! Fun blog, Christy!

Leslie said...

And that above comment was supposed to be from me... forgot my hubby was logged in :)

Christy said...

Hey Leslie! So fun to hear from you! Your family is beautiful! Yes, we love a good "find," too! Our home is definitely a mix as well. The more I have gotten into thifting/craigslist finds, it is so hard to buy any piece of furniture/decor item brand new! The hardest part has been meshing mine and Aaron's taste - he loves wood tones and I love painted wood:) So, that's been an adventure! But, thank you! SO fun to see both names pop up! :) I thought "Gompers" must be you:)