Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun on the Fourth

The 4th of July is always fun. I basically grew up thinking the fireworks were for me - since it's my birthday! But, now that I'm getting old, I realize that is not the case:) But, it's still a pretty fun day to have a birthday. Here's some pics from our celebration.
4th of July wreath
 I know...random decorations mixed with 4th of July decorations...one day (20 years from now), time will allow for "proper" decorating!
 "Fireworks" made out of scrapbook paper...idea from here. Super-tricky to make, I must say!
 I love to find cute, free printables and put them around the house. Found this one here.
And, this one from here.
 A wall in the hallway - this print from here.
 In our kitchen - before.
 After...I just found the outline of a star off the internet, traced and cut different ones out of scrapbook paper. Then cut ones out of white cardstock and let the girls (and me!) decorate them. Simple and fun!
 Messy and fun!
 Fun stars.

And now, fun on the boat and at Capers Island!
 Our sweet J-bug!
 We love LiLi!
 Captain Grandad - and, he is a real "Captain of the Sea!"
 My sweet family...love.
Cool girl.
 Sister love...or big sis taking care of lil' sis :)
Daddy and his girls:)
 Fun at Capers Island! The water felt great!
 Our little fish...she loves the water!
 Cousin love.
 Sweet cousins!
LiLi love!
Treasures from the day!

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