Monday, August 8, 2011

Starting Simple

We have been in the process of painting and updating our current parsonage for the last year. (Insert: we had a baby girl last November = has taken much longer to get things done!) But, so far we are loving the painted rooms and updates we have made to make this parsonage our home. Last night, I decided to tackle a bookcase in our kitchen which has been an eyesore for quite some time. It looks much better now that it is cleaned up and simplified with some matching decor items. (And yes, the blue painter's tape is up for a reason - getting ready to paint the kitchen cabinets!) For any "nook" like this in your house, allow it to be both functional and pretty. I don't try to make my house look like a showroom because having a family of four doesn't lend itself to that type of living! But, I have learned that simplifying and organizing can make the world of difference in keeping our home "more" tidy and functioning well. And it is always fun to find a pretty vase for $3 at Goodwill to bring warmth to a space!



By choosing a similar color scheme for the decor items, the bookcase doesn't weigh down the space. Also, choosing cookbooks that are in the same color scheme and grouping less of them makes the space seem less cluttered. The other cookbooks are tucked away, still easy to access, but placed below in the cabinet area. 

Organizing inside of cabinets makes the space more functional. These bright pink baskets don't quite go with the rest of the decor in the space, but since they are tucked away, it doesn't matter! They were plastic bins we already had so I thought they would work well in the space for odds and ends stored in the kitchen area. 

 A glass cylinder vase is a great way to group items. 
These are our first seashells we've collected since living near the beach. 

Great Goodwill find! $3 Vase!

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elaine said...

what a pleasant change!! you sound like you are a professional - like you really know what you're talking about! Love it! Wish I could figure out how to be a "follower"