Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Bookcases

We love bookcases in our home. Not just because my husband has a love for books, but they are great for storage! Whether to stash the girls' DVD's, toys or books in the den or my love for magazines, bookcases provide a great way for easy storage.

This bookcase was already here in the parsonage. Perfect for the girls to have easy access to their books. And the small woven bins were a Goodwill find years ago. Great place to stash smaller items. The large woven bin was an Ikea find - our make-shift toy storage for the den.

This one is similar to ours - just a newer style. I liked this as toy storage for various reasons: adds texture to the room, isn't hard (bump-proof for little ones! I always fear hard coffee tables with sharp corners especially when babies start pulling up and learning to walk!), lid is lightweight (so when it closes no fingers will be hurt if in the way!), and was a great price (from Ikea - even better!).

 Another bookcase in our den - and another great Ikea purchase.

A similar one at Ikea. I like how this one is off the floor - but, there again, just another place to have to dust/clean the floor!

Measure the height/width/depth of the open spaces on the bookcase and then find baskets/bins that fit or come close to the measurements. Great way to conceal "stuff!"

The large woven bins were a fabulous Target find! I measured the space, took my tape measure to the store and came home with the perfect bins to fit the space! They work great for the girls' large books! We have SO many books! But, the nice thing is I can pull them out to read books with the girls and load them back up when done!

I love cute magazine holders! And, I love these! I have had them for years - another Ikea find.

Maybe one day I'll actually get this digital frame to display pics! Ha! 

What are some ways you like to create storage on your bookcases?

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Becca said...

You are adorable & bookcases are cute too! Thanks for great ideas!