Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Wreath

So, for Christmas I made this felt wreath. 

Pinterest has been an amazing outlet for inspiration! I saw this idea here. And thought, that looks doable, affordable, colorful and fun! And usually, I don't tend toward lots of colors...I'm usually a gray, black and white kind of gal. But, I loved this wreath for some reason. I think I like the "moderness" of it. Mine came out a little "bumpy" as you can tell by the pics because I used a straw wreath under the felt (only type of wreath I had on hand). A foam wreath would have created a smoother finish like this one below.

So, even though our living and dining room look like this I've still got my thoughts on a wreath...

Before this gets tackled, I'm just going to dream for a minute. I think I have my favorite decided, this bubble burlap wreath. But, then I'm fearful that by the time I get it made, it will be spring! Ha! So, we'll see what ends up going on our front door...not a big deal I know...Here is some inspiration though.

Via Etsy

Via Etsy

 Via Etsy

I figured it is best to be honest and expose all states of this parsonage! I must say it is hard to put up Christmas decorations and such with 1 toddler and 1 baby at my feet! 

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