Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Habit...

With the new year a day away, I've been thinking like we all do of what I would like to try and do better in the coming year.  There are SO many things that come to mind.  And the list could begin...but, instead of exhausting myself with these unrealistic expectations, I see it more as the question of, in what ways can I create new habits and improve on the ones I already have, to glorify Him more and seek Him more in all that I do?

One of the most gifted ladies I have yet to come across in this life journey is Ann Voskamp. If you aren't familiar with her, she is an amazing woman of God. She has written a book, One Thousand Gifts, which has transformed my mind in so many ways. And her blog, A Holy Experience, is so refreshing and purposeful that every entry of her's leaves me pondering and meditating on His goodness. Yesterday, her entry was on "wearing new habits."  You can check it out here...but, she says "A habit is what we wear. A habit is the way we wear our days." And that is so, my prayer is that I may approach this new year thinking of ways to better the days the Lord blesses me with...what habits do I need to incorporate into my days?

One thing that I have never been gifted at or more correctly, made myself focus and do on a day to day basis is journaling...And, as the girls are growing, I am realizing there is so much I want to remember about these days together...because they will pass by all too fast. So, a new habit I'd like to start is a daily journal. But, for me, I need something simple.

So here are some journals that have caught my eye...

In this journal, you record one line a day...and for 5 years, you can see what you wrote the previous years.

Same for this one, just has the "Mom" Cover:)

This one has a quote at the top of each page to reflect on and respond with a sentence.

I got this one for my sister for Christmas. It has a question a day and is a 5 year journal as well. Love the look of it and the variety of questions it sis is looking forward to seeing year after year her different or similar responses!

I love this homemade one.  Just index cards cut up and stamped with the year's dates.  I think something like this is super-cute, but sure would hate the girls to get a hold of it and get all the cards out of order! Yikes - that would be crazy to put back in order!

So, maybe I'll just grab a good 'ole Mead notebook and start my own...There are simple ways of doing this I guess...either a notebook per month or a notebook that does have 366+ pages in it.  And my goal will be to write a sentence/thought a day.  Should be fun to begin and hopefully turn into a habit that continues for years to come.


Momma said...

Great idea! I treasure the journals I have stored away...amazing the majority of them were written when you and Jynne were think I had more time then than now! You have inspired me to take up the pen once again...Love, Momma

Lisa B said...

I have filled the journal you gave me a while back.....I have been blessed by this time I have spent with God. I am so excited for you!! You will love this journey......Love you!!

elaine said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! I'm pretty sure everyone needs to journal. It's therapeutic i think. I started that last journal pictured last January and so this month will be my first time "reviewing" the previous years' daily entries. I did find it difficult to condense each day to just one sentence though! I vote for the first choice... Just to ease your way into journaling/not feel overwhelmed. Love you!

Rachel said...

Love all of the neat journals that you've posted. It makes me want to start one! I've never faithfully made it through even one year of journaling, though. Great time to start! Hope you guys are having a wonderful new year so far! Love you lots!

Christy said...

@Mom, thanks! I can't wait to read your's one day:) I think you should definitely take the pen back up!
@Lisa, so encouraging to hear! I know it will be a fun journey to start...4 days down, and lots more to go!
@Elaine, thanks!! I thought it was you who showed me the index card journal idea! I am already enjoying writing down some sentences each evening before bed...definitely therapeutic:) And, I know it will be so rewarding in the future.
@Rachel, they are fun, aren't they?! I figured it was a great time to start...I've just got a notebook right now that I started, and it's already been a blessing:) We are doing great so far and hope you guys are as well! Much love!!