Monday, October 3, 2011

Ready for Fall

Finally, a chill is in the air where we live! And it's time to do some decorating around this parsonage.  This week, my goal is to get some fall decorations up! Sadly, we don't have a, no fun mantles to decorate. But, here's a sneak peak to some fun fall decorations I found a while back at the thrift store...

These little guys were grouped together with tape and walked out of the store in my bag for $2! I love their shape and color...a start for fall decorating. But, we'll see what the week has in store:) 
For now, here are some pics that get me in the fall mood. 

Happy Fall to all! 


elaine said...

did you take those pictures?! I'd be really (even more-so than I already am) impressed if you did. I really like the lighting in the pictures of the little vases. So cute! You have such a good "thrift store eye". I think you should maybe post some pics of your sweet new family pics too. You know, so readers could know how absolutely precious y'all are :-) LOVE YOU!

Christy said...

i did!! are you impressed?! i love the lighting, too...exactly what i was trying to capture! love finding a good find:) thrills me! haha yes, i will post pics of the some point! how precious THEY are! Love YOU!